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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"C'est lui pour moi, moi pour lui, dans la vie"

I Am From...

I am from songs sweet,
hearts full.
Wide, grinning mouths.
Loud, joyous laughter.
I am from addiction.
Ice clinking in glass.
Drugs invading body.
Taking control.
Giving the feeling of power,
Taking the ability of power.
I am from weakness.
Broken glass.
Lonely nights.
Thoughtless nights.
Sleepless nights.
I am from recovery.
From disappointment and heartbreak.
From dreams of none.

I am going toward hearts full,
Eyes glistening,
Cheeks glowing.
I am going toward the strength to see what I deserve!
Toward those I return home to at night.
Those who know what is needed to make me smile.
Those who want to make me smile.
And distractions.
Bike bells ringing,
Soft, sweet moans.
Loud, forceful moans.
Feet thumping on pavement.
Moving quickly.
Beads of sweat dripping down my face

I will surround myself with positive influences like
My vagina family,
My school,
My heroes.
And when I get scared, tired, and discouraged,
I will turn to him.
My father.
Strength radiating throughout him.
His knowledge of life.
His deep, thick accent teaching wrong from right.
His big, blue eyes,
The essence of pain shooting out of them.
I see it all,
Feel it all,
Hear it all.

I am steering clear of my addictions and my heartbreak,
With those,
I have nothing to live for,
Nothing to strive for,
Nothing to work for.
I want a bright future for myself because
I do not want to return to my dreams of none.
My addiction.
My illness.
I want a bright future for myself because

Above all else, I know that I am beautiful,
And by staying on my positive track,
Anything is possible…

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