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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"Je ne regrete rien"

Right now I'm laying in the same spot that I was in when I first got the call that she had died. I didn't even think about it maybe being hard for me, but now that I'm here, my heart is hurting again. I need to get over it--I really just need to get over this, and all my other issues and start getting my shit together. I spent the majority of the day with Kristofferson at a tea bar doing homework--I got a good amount of work done, considering the fact that I've barely done any homework this semester. The stress is starting to relieve itself, little by little. Between the hours of 4 and 6:30 yesterday morning, I was wide awake--cleaning my room. It still needs to be vacuumed, but other than that, it looks sooo good. I noticed today that my jaw wasn't tensing as much as it has been lately, but it's still sore from tensing it so often the past week. I've started a new page in the story of my life.

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