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Thursday, April 15, 2010

So I went to Brushstrokes last week with one of the girls I babysit and a friend of hers. I couldn't stop looking at one of the women who worked there. She was super cute, looked queer. I was cleaning up my paint palette and whistling, and she was like, "Wow, you're a great whistler...I haven't heard anyone whistle like that before." All I could say was "thanks." I got suuuper shy. So before I left, I smiled at her and that was it. Then I had to go back today to pick up the stuff, and sure enough, she was there!She wrapped up all my stuff and asked me a few questions. It felt like she was flirting, but I really have no idea. I got home, and did some major stalking on the brushstrokes website and figured out her name--it's Alex...yes, that is my sister's name, but I can manage. I also saw some of her artwork, which I really liked...and I figured out that she likes red wine--at least, there was a picture of her drinking it on their website. I wanna talk to her, but I'm too shy...what should I do!?!

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